El Toluco

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Promotion History:

Promotion Level Freq Tech Start Date End Date
CMLL Top Regular rudo 1970-08-15 1970-08-15
CMLL Top Regular tecnico 1970-11-29 1971-04-18
CMLL Top Regular rudo 1971-08-28 1971-11-07

Name History
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WrestlerID: 7602

Name Start Date End Date Arena Promotion Location identity ID
Toluco 1960-01-01 1990-01-01 --- 20224
El Toluco 1900-01-01 current --- 20223

Last 10 and Upcoming Matches:

Date Location Match
1984-03-04 Arena Naucalpan Escorpión II & Gori Rivera vs El Toluco & Tupac Amaru
1984-04-01 Arena Naucalpan El Toluco, Villano II, Villano IV vs El Delfin, Rams, Zimba
1984-04-08 Arena Naucalpan El Toluco & Hecatombe vs El Cruel & Gori Rivera
1984-04-15 Arena Naucalpan Centella Nolasco, Hecatombe, Toluco vs El Delfin, Shu el Guerrero, Zimba
1984-05-20 Arena Naucalpan Billy Jack, El Toluco, Fili Pastor vs Dr. Karonte III, Lancero I, Lancero Jr.
1984-06-03 Arena Naucalpan Rayo Dorado & Toluco b Lancero & Lancero Jr.
1984-06-10 Arena Naucalpan Dr. Karonte Jr. & La Furia b Rayo Dorado & Toluco
1984-06-17 Arena Naucalpan Centella Nolasco & Hecatombe vs Baby Casas & Toluco and Clímax & Hombre Araña and Caballo Loco & La Furia and Cometa Del Mal I & Cometa Del Mal II and Billy Jack & El Dorado and Gran Petroneo & Shu el Guerrero and Dr. Karonte Jr. & Mac Robledo [torneo]
1984-07-08 Arena Naucalpan El Toluco & Fily Pastro vs Fredy Montaña & Niño Montana
1985-02-04 Arena Lopez Mateos El Toluco vs Leopardo Negro
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