Golden Fly (Jalisco)


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WrestlerID: 6917

Name Start Date End Date Arena Promotion Location identity ID
Golden Fly (Jalisco) 1900-01-01 current --- 17743
Golden Fly 2010-01-01 current --- 17744

Last 10 and Upcoming Matches:

Date Location Match
2023-10-28 Arena Roberto Paz, Guadalajara, Jalisco Aero Xtreme & Golden Fly vs Demencía & Roberto Paz
2023-11-03 Arena Roberto Paz, Guadalajara, Jalisco Willy Banderas vs Neptuno, Dragón Kid, Golden Fly [semifinal]
2023-11-10 Arena Roberto Paz, Guadalajara, Jalisco Dragón Kid b Golden Fly, Centauro, Zigma, Ryu, Albatros Jr.
2023-11-16 Arena GDL, Guadalajara, Jalisco Demencía, Sobek, Zigma vs D. Negro, El Catrín, Golden Fly
2023-11-17 Arena Roberto Paz, Guadalajara, Jalisco Demencía vs Mercurio, Centauro, Golden Fly
2023-11-18 Arena GDL, Guadalajara, Jalisco Golden Fly b Kid Gol, Estrella Celestial
2023-11-24 Arena Roberto Paz, Guadalajara, Jalisco La Trakalosa vs Brian Villa, Gallo, Rayman, Tino Cortez, Golden Fly, Paymon, Loco Azteca [cage, mask, hair]
2023-11-25 Arena Roberto Paz, Guadalajara, Jalisco Golden Fly vs Neptuno [NDO, torneo]
2023-12-02 Arena Roberto Paz, Guadalajara, Jalisco Amperaje vs Dragón Kid, Poder Negro, Diamante Negro, Insólito, Sick Teddy, Galáctico, Loco Azteca, Antisocial, Prixma, Zigma, Demencía, Estrella Oriental Jr., Rey Conde, Guerrero Infernal, Aldebaran, Roberto Paz, Willy Banderas, IVanus, Billie Infierno, Golden Fly, Sobek, Ryu, Dark Power, Kal El, Ragnoth, Blatac, Centauro, Evil Dragón, Aztarot, Payasito Loky, Albatros Jr., Neptuno, Danger King, Power Boy, Mercurio, ?
2023-12-03 Gimnasio del Parque San Rafael, Guadalajara, Jalisco Albatros Jr. & Berserker b Golden Fly & Sexy Chona
Upcoming Matches
2023-12-14 Arena Jalisco, Guadalajara, Jalisco Darketo, Power Boy, Roberto Paz Jr., Sobek vs Galáctico, Golden Fly, Mercurio, Neptuno
2023-12-25 Arena Roberto Paz, Guadalajara, Jalisco Evil Dragón, Golden Fly, Ryu vs Centauro, Galáctico, Sick Teddy

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Perfomance Record

Date Total Wins Losses Draws Unknowns Percentage
2014 - All 1 0 0 0 1
2020 - All 2 0 0 0 2
2021 - All 84 5 9 0 70 35%
2022 - All 73 6 8 0 59 42%
Total 160 11 17 0 132 39%

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