Huracán Ramírez


Promotion History:

Promotion Level Freq Tech Start Date End Date
CMLL Top Regular tecnico 1956-09-21 1956-09-21
CMLL Top Regular tecnico 1957-03-17 1957-03-17
CMLL Top Regular tecnico 1960-12-30 1961-01-22
CMLL Top Regular rudo 1961-08-20 1961-08-20
CMLL Top Regular tecnico 1964-05-08 1966-05-08
CMLL Top Regular tecnico 1967-06-30 1968-07-12
CMLL Top Regular tecnico 1968-12-06 1969-06-14
CMLL Top Regular tecnico 1969-12-09 1971-05-02
CMLL Top Regular tecnico 1972-02-04 1972-04-15
CMLL Top Regular tecnico 1972-07-28 1972-10-20
CMLL Top Regular tecnico 1973-01-19 1973-07-29
UWA Top Regular tecnico 1975-02-12 1975-02-12
CMLL Top Regular tecnico 1975-09-26 1975-09-26
UWA Top Regular tecnico 1975-11-26 1975-12-03
CMLL Top Regular tecnico 1976-03-02 1976-03-02
UWA Top Regular tecnico 1976-05-12 1976-06-16
UWA Top Regular rudo 1976-11-02 1976-11-02
UWA Top Regular tecnico 1977-05-22 1977-06-19
UWA Top Regular tecnico 1977-10-23 1978-02-19
UWA Top Regular tecnico 1978-05-21 1978-09-24
UWA Top Regular tecnico 1978-10-29 1979-10-19
CMLL Top Regular tecnico 1979-11-16 1979-12-07
UWA Top Regular tecnico 1980-02-17 1982-04-04
UWA Top Regular tecnico 1982-07-08 1982-10-08
UWA Top Regular tecnico 1983-01-23 1983-08-28
CMLL Top Regular tecnico 1986-11-20 1987-01-01
CMLL Top Regular tecnico 1987-04-29 1987-04-29
UWA Top Regular tecnico 1987-08-20 1987-12-10

Name History
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WrestlerID: 770

Name Start Date End Date Arena Promotion Location identity ID
Huracán Ramírez 1900-01-01 1988-01-01 --- 1703

Last 10 and Upcoming Matches:

Date Location Match
1987-09-19 Olympic Auditorium, Los Angeles, California Cien Caras, Huracán Ramírez, Máscara Año 2000 b Pirata Morgan, Scorpió, Súper Halcón
1987-10-09 Arena Neza Huracán Ramírez & Kendo vs Dr. Wagner Jr. & José Luis Feliciano
1987-10-14 Arena Naucalpan Diablo Rojo, Masakre, MS-1 b Huracán Ramírez, Solar I, Tamba
Fans were upset with the result as Diablo Rojo fouled Solar I and wasn't caught by the referee. Rudos took 2/3
1987-10-18 Arena Apatlaco, Iztapalapa, Distrito Federal Hijo de Blue Demon, Huracán Ramírez, Impacto vs el Signo, Negro Navarro, Texano
1987-10-21 Arena Naucalpan el Signo, Negro Navarro, Texano b Huracán Ramírez, Kato Kung Lee, Súper Astro
Other reports have Naoki & Villano III teaming with Super Astro (which doesn't make a lot of sense.)
1987-10-23 Plaza de Toros San Mateo, Chilpancingo, Guerrero Estrella Blanca, Huracán Ramírez, Lizmark vs Black Terry, José Luis Feliciano, Shu el Guerrero
1987-11-15 Auditorio Municipal, Torreón, Coahuila Huracán Ramírez, Huracán Ramírez Jr., Súper Muñeco DQ Babe Face, Kahoz, Zandokan I
straight falls, Kahoz fouled Super Muneco
1987-11-30 Arena Tropicana, Tehuacán, Puebla Blue Demon Jr., Huracán Ramírez, Huracán Ramírez Jr. vs Black Terry, José Luis Feliciano, Shu el Guerrero
1987-12-01 Arena Naucalpan Acertijo, Huracán Ramírez, Stuka vs Kadaffi, Luis Mariscal, Rambo
1987-12-10 Pista Arena Revolución, Ciudad de México, Distrito Federal Huracán Ramírez, Huracán Ramírez Jr., Texano vs el Signo, Fishman, Negro Navarro
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