Jhon Tito

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Promotion History:

Promotion Level Freq Tech Start Date End Date
IWRG Top Regular rudo 2018-08-19 2018-08-19
IWRG Top Regular tecnico 2019-07-24 2019-07-24
IWRG Top Regular tecnico 2019-11-03 2019-11-03

Name History
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WrestlerID: 7331

Name Start Date End Date Arena Promotion Location identity ID
Jhon Tito 2018-01-01 current --- 19336
John Tito 2018-01-01 current --- 19337

Last 10 and Upcoming Matches:

Date Location Match
2023-06-01 Arena Naucalpan John Tito b Rey Astaroth JHON TITO MANO A MANO VS AZTAROTH (posted by hector godfrey) WLLC | Mano a mano inicial: Jhon Tito vs Rey Astaroth | Lucha completa (posted by mluchatv)
2023-06-08 Arena Naucalpan Águila Roja, Mr. Mike, Rey Halcón b Jhon Tito, Noisy Boy, Spider Fly IWRG | Mr. Mike, Rey Halcón y Águila Roja vs Noisy Boy, Spider Fly y Jhon Tito | Lucha completa (posted by mluchatv) JHON TITO, NOISY BOY Y SPIDER FLY VS MR. MIKE, ÁGUILA ROJA Y REY HALCÓN (posted by hector godfrey) Mr. Mike, Rey Halcón Jr y Águila Roja Vs Jhon Tito, Spider Fly y Noisy Boy en IWRG (posted by La Tijera Lucha Libre)
Mike asked for an IWRG Tag title shot, only for champions Los Cerebros Negro to attack him. Not clear who Mr. Mike will team with.
2023-06-11 Arena Naucalpan Black Danger, León Dorado, Mr. Leo b Caballero de Plata, Éxtasis, Jhon Tito IWRG | Mr. Leo, León Dorado y Black Danger vs Jhon Tito, Caballero de Plata y (posted by mluchatv)
2023-06-18 Arena Naucalpan Rey Halcón b Águila Roja, Jhon Tito, Fussion [IWRG REY DEL AIRE, #1 Contenders] KICKOFF (posted by mluchatv) Para sacar retador al Rey del Aire: Rey Halcón vs Fussion vs Águila Roja vs Jhon Tito | Full match (posted by mluchatv)
current champion Puma de Oro
2023-06-22 Arena Naucalpan Águila Roja & Johnny Santos b Caballero de Plata & Jhon Tito IWRG | Águila Roja y Johnny Santos vs John Tito y Caballero de Plata | Lucha completa (posted by mluchatv) LIVE (posted by mluchatv)
2023-06-25 Arena Naucalpan Avisman, Fussion, Jhon Tito b Águila Roja, Centvrión, Mr. Mike IWRG | Avisman, Fussion y Jhon Tito vs Mr. Mike, Centurión y Águila Roja | Lucha completa (posted by mluchatv) LIVE (posted by mluchatv)
2023-06-27 Arena Naucalpan Blue Win, Chaflan, Charifas, Latino, Perseo, Rey Espartano, Ryu, Shere Khan b Águila Roja, Baby Star, Fussion, Golden Power, Jhon Tito, Kenji, Rey Aztaroth, X-Devil [Copa Higher Power]  (posted by mluchatv) Torneo FILL 106: GYM Naucalpan (DT. Black Terry) vs GYM Hércules (DT. Lion Brothers) | Full match (posted by mluchatv)
Gym Hercules beat Gym FILL with some help from their trainers, the Lion Brothers.
2023-06-29 Arena Naucalpan Hijo de Canis Lupus b Jhon Tito El Examen IWRG | Hijo de Canis Lupus vs Jhon Tito | Lucha completa (posted by mluchatv) LIVE (posted by mluchatv)
2023-07-02 Arena Naucalpan Mr. Leo b Cerebro Negro, Jhon Tito IWRG-RGR | Mr. Leo vs Jhon Tito vs Cerebro Negro Jr. | Lucha completa (posted by mluchatv) KICKOFF (posted by mluchatv)
2023-09-16 Arena Neza Freelance, Hausser, Sumed Black, Villareal vs Agugila Roja, Guerrero Mixtico, Hijo de Mr. Niebla, Jhon Tito
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Perfomance Record

Date Total Wins Losses Draws Unknowns Percentage
2018 - All 22 3 0 0 19 100%
2019 - All 42 3 2 0 37 60%
2020 - All 7 1 2 0 4 33%
2021 - All 17 1 3 0 13 25%
2022 - All 49 17 24 1 7 41%
Total 137 25 31 1 80 44%

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