Oni El Bendito

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Promotion History:

Promotion Level Freq Tech Start Date End Date
IWRG Top Regular tecnico 2019-07-24 2019-08-28
IWRG Top Regular other 2021-02-08 2021-06-20

Name History
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WrestlerID: 6560

Name Start Date End Date Arena Promotion Location identity ID
Blue Monster Jr. 1900-01-01 current --- 16477
Bendito 2021-01-01 current --- 16505
El Bendito 2021-01-01 current --- 16506
Oni El Bendito 2021-01-01 current --- 16668
Bendito (Big Lucha) 2021-01-01 current --- 19757
Bendito 2021-01-01 current --- 19758
El Bendito 2021-01-01 current --- 19759
El Bendito (Indie) 2021-01-01 current --- 20292
Bendito (Indie) 2021-01-01 current --- 20362

Last 10 and Upcoming Matches:

Date Location Match
2023-06-02 Auditorio de Tijuana, Tijuana, Baja California Destiny, Ninja Mack, Toto b Bendito (Indie), Black Danger, Elemental 3a LUCHA   BENDITO ELEMENTAL, BLACK DANGER  VS  TOTO NINJA MACK DESTINY (posted by Tijuana Pro Wrestling) Destiny SE AVIENTA Como LOS GRANDES DE TIJUANA (posted by 2A3CAIDAS) Destiny, Toto & Ninja Mack vs Bendito, Black Danger & Elemental || Lucha Especial  (posted by Arena Clandestina)
Destiny dived off the entrance tunnel
2023-07-29 Arena Big Lucha, Iztapalapa, Distrito Federal Maximiliano Rivera Romero, Potro, Rey Horus L Bendito, Flamita, Yutani and Elipse, Iku, Orbita and Monsther Clown, Panic Clown, Parka Negra Emperador Azteca vs Negro Casas | Big Lucha presenta: PreAniver2ario 1a parte (posted by BIG LUCHA ) TLC de Facciones (La perdedora deberá desaparecer) | Big Lucha PreAniver2ario (posted by BIG LUCHA )
Max replaced Gravity (ROH). Announced as a TLC match but was not one. Flamita announced that the losing team would have to disband. Reverse elimination match: team AAA and Lokos Evans won their way out first, then Black Generation beat Max for the win. Golden Guns are done.
2023-08-26 Arena Big Lucha, Iztapalapa, Distrito Federal Bendito, Flamita, Yutani DQ Euforia, Mephisto, Rey Bucanero Big Lucha Infernales vs Black Generation (posted by thegladiatores.com) Black Generation vs Los Infernales (Big Lucha vs CMLL) | #Aniver2ario de Big Lucha (posted by BIG LUCHA ) INFERNALES HUMILLAN a Black Generation en Big Lucha (posted by 2A3CAIDAS)
excessive rudo behavior
2023-09-30 Arena Big Lucha, Iztapalapa, Distrito Federal Zenky b Reiyel, Estrella de Oro, Forneo, Atómico Jr., Ditto, Brujo, Morfosis, Torito Negro Jr., Limbo, Viajero, Iku, Elipse, Súper Nova, Andrómeda, M2R, Mr. Win, Steel Dragón, Bendito, Tirano, CIMA Big Lucha | Alas de Independencia | Torneo Alas 2023 (posted by BIG LUCHA )
Andromeda (Guatemala) defeated Super Nova to win. Flamita invited Andromeda to join Black Generacion as long Andromeda changed his name. It's Black Andromeda now. Flamita also said Black Generation didn't need Yutani or Elemental.
2023-10-01 Gran Plaza Juan Gabriel, Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua Bendito (Indie) b Psicópata
2023-10-14 Kennedale, Texas Facade vs Oni El Bendito, Séptimo Dragón, Crazy Latino Martinez Entertainment | ¡LOS VIPERS VS LA SECTA! - Apocalipsis Face to Face (posted by mluchatv)
2023-11-05 Autodromo Hermano Rodriguez, Magdalena Mixhuca, Venustiano Carranza, Distrito Federal Elipse, Iku, Obrita vs ?, Bendito, Emperador Azteca
2023-11-10 Arena Big Lucha, Iztapalapa, Distrito Federal Bendito b Helios Bendito vs Helios | Big Lucha World T3 Ep4 (posted by ) Big Lucha World | Noviembre 10 ´23 (posted by BIG LUCHA )
2023-11-18 Arena Big Lucha, Iztapalapa, Distrito Federal Bendito, Black Andrómeda, Emperador Azteca b Dark Cuervo, Dark Ozz, Dark Scoria Bendito, Black Andrómeda y  Emperador Azteca vs  Dark Cuervo, Dark Ozz y Dark Scoria. (posted by thegladiatores.com)
Earlier, Flamita said he'd return soon and challenged Mr. Big for a match in December where both sides would put up their 50% share of Big Lucha and the winner has full control. More challenges followed the main event.
2023-11-24 Arena Coliseo San Bruno, Xalapa, Veracruz Atómico & Radioactivo b Atómico Jr. (Illinois) & El Bendito (Indie)
Upcoming Matches
2023-12-08 Arena Roberto Paz, Guadalajara, Jalisco Brian Villa vs El Bendito (Indie)
2023-12-25 Arena Lopez Mateos Alpha Wolf & Dragón Bane vs Baby Extreme & Oni El Bendito [The CRASH TAG]

Last 5 Aired TV Matches:

Air Date Show Match
2023-01-14 Mas Lucha Various Bendito & Flamita b Cometa Maya & Radioactivo * Flamita y El Bendito vs Radioactivo y Cometa Maya | Lucha completa en Black Paradise (posted by mluchatv) LIVE (posted by mluchatv)
2023-02-18 Mas Lucha Various Cometa Maya, Éxtasis, Radioactivo b Action Jackson, Bendito, Elemental [no rules] * Elemental/El Bendito/Action Jackson vs Extasis/Radioactivo/Cometa Maya con Big Lucha. (posted by Sitio de lucha) LIVE (posted by mluchatv) Love and Blood de Big Lucha | Delta Force vs Black Generation  | Lucha completa (posted by mluchatv)
2023-04-29 Mas Lucha Various Atomic Star, Demonio Infernal, Fresero Jr., Trauma I, Trauma II b Bendito, El Bandido, El Potro de Oro, Emperador Azteca, Galeno del Mal * Big Lucha | Negocio Traumado vs Big Lucha | Lucha completa en Inframundo (posted by mluchatv) LIVE (posted by mluchatv) NEGOCIO TRAUMADO VS BIG LUCHAS SÁBADO 29 DE ABRIL DEL 2023 EN BANDIDO´S GYM (posted by hector godfrey) Negocio Traumado Vs Team Big Lucha en el Bandidos Gym en el Inframundo (posted by La Tijera Lucha Libre)

Recommended Matches:

Date Location Match Rating
2022-03-25 Bandidos Gym, Iztapalapa, Distrito Federal Ciclón Ramírez Jr., Cometa Maya, El Bandido, Éxtasis, Gravity vs Bendito, Elemental, Emperador Azteca, Flamita, Yutani [street]  (posted by Revista BOX Y LUCHA) Big Lucha | Highlights Lucha Callejera: Big Lucha VS Bandido´s GYM (posted by mluchatv) Big Lucha | Lucha callejera: Big Lucha VS Black Generation | Lucha Completa (posted by mluchatv) Big Lucha | Lucha callejera: Big Lucha VS Black Generation | Lucha Completa (posted by mluchatv) Lucha callejera Bandidos Gym Vs Black Generation con grandes sorpresas en Big Lucha (posted by La Tijera Lucha Libre) Lucha Callejera en Primaguerra | Big Lucha (posted by Revista BOX Y LUCHA) great

Perfomance Record

Date Total Wins Losses Draws Unknowns Percentage
2017 - All 3 0 0 0 3
2018 - All 2 0 0 0 2
2019 - All 16 4 3 0 9 57%
2020 - All 4 1 1 0 2 50%
2021 - All 53 17 19 0 17 47%
2022 - All 42 14 11 2 15 55%
Total 120 36 34 2 48 51%

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