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Promotion Level Freq Tech Start Date End Date
MW Mid Regular rudo 2010-06-06 2100-01-01

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WrestlerID: 1779

Name Start Date End Date Arena Promotion Location identity ID
John Walters 2000-01-01 current --- --- --- 3318
RJ Brewer 2010-06-06 current --- --- --- 3317

Last 10 and Upcoming Matches:

Date Location Match
2011-01-22 Hard Rock Casino, Albuquerque, New M Magno b RJ Brewer [hair] *
built up on the last set of tapings. Brewer had Petey Williams and Lizzy Valentine with him, and won the match with a chain punch. Referee noticed the chain and restarted the match. Brewer tried to run out on the stip, but Rocky Romero cut him off and returned him for the haircut.
2011-02-19 Hard Rock Casino, Albuquerque, New M Magno & Súper Nova b Petey Williams & RJ Brewer [Ladder]
May not have been an offical match. Brewer and Williams had previously stolen the tecnicos masks, put them in a bag, and intended to burn them. the bag was suspended from the ceiling, so a ladder match broke out. Presumbably Nova & Magno had other masks for this match. Tecnicos got the bag, only to find a red white blue pinata inside.
2011-03-19 Hard Rock Casino, Albuquerque, New M Jon Rekon, Petey Williams, RJ Brewer vs Magno, Rocky Romero, Súper Nova
2011-03-19 Hard Rock Casino, Albuquerque, New M Petey Williams vs RJ Brewer, Charly Malice, Rocky Romero, Shane Helms, Marco Corleone, Sydistiko, Rellik [lucha roulette]
2011-05-28 Hard Rock Casino, Albuquerque, New M RJ Brewer b Psicosis II
presumbably Lizmark's challenge match for Brewer. Poor Psicosis can't win a singles match anywhere!
2011-06-18 Hard Rock Casino, Albuquerque, New M RJ Brewer b Lizmark Jr. ©, Marco Corleone [LLUSA HEAVY]
stips were Lizmark's title vs RJ's faction (would have to split if he lost) vs Marco's hair. Lizmark apparently was also leading the Sol group, who interfered in this match. Marco took out the Sol, Lizmark cracked him with a cane, and color announcer Steve Richards ran in to superkick Lizmark. Brewer picked up the pin and the title. The Right (Brewer, Rekon, Williams and now Richards) celebrated having all the belts.
2011-07-30 Hard Rock Casino, Albuquerque, New M Lizmark Jr. DQ RJ Brewer
Lizmark getting his title rematch; he'd appeared earlier in the show declaring he was a fighting champ when he was champ and Brewer should do the same, and also blaming a deal with the (mostly absent) Sol group for his loss. The Right was banned from ringisde. Sol was less absent here, running in at the end to help out Lizmark. They tossed Lizmark's cane to him, but Brewer got it and smacked Lizmark. Ref saw the cane, and called the DQ. No title change.
2011-08-27 Hard Rock Casino, Albuquerque, New M RJ Brewer © b Magno [LLUSA HEAVY]
first time Brewer was able to defeat Mango, thought it took pulling his tights. Both groups brawled after the match, teasing the Marco/RJ title match.
2012-03-30 San Jose, California Blue Demon Jr. b RJ Brewer
2013-04-14 Citizen Banks Arena, Ontario, California Blue Demon Jr. & Solar I b Jon Rekon & RJ Brewer
A mini Demon helped out the tecnicos, but was attacked by Rekon. Entertaining main event. Tecnicos put a Solar mask on Brewer, and Rekon accidentally pinned him.
Upcoming Matches

Last 5 Aired TV Matches:

Air Date Show Match
2010-08-06 Lucha Libre USA: Masked Warriors Magno (Chihuahua) b RJ Brewer *
2010-08-20 Lucha Libre USA: Masked Warriors RJ Brewer b Máscarita Dorada *
2010-08-27 Lucha Libre USA: Masked Warriors RJ Brewer b Máscara Púrpura [LLUSA HEAVY, quarterfinal] *
2011-10-01 Lucha Libre USA: Masked Warriors Lizmark Jr. b Marco Corleone, RJ Brewer, Charly Malice [LLUSA HEAVY] *
2011-10-15 Lucha Libre USA: Masked Warriors Magno b RJ Brewer [hair] *

10 Most Recent Uploaded Matches:

Match Date Show Match
2010-06-06 Agua Caliente Casino, Cathedral City, California Magno b RJ Brewer * Magno vs. RJ Brawser | Lucha Libre USA (posted by Lucha Click)

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Perfomance Record

Date Total Wins Losses Draws Unknowns Percentage
2010 - All 8 3 4 0 1 42%
2011 - All 8 3 3 0 2 50%
2012 - All 1 0 1 0 0 0%
2013 - All 1 0 1 0 0 0%
Total 18 6 9 0 3 40%

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