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Santy Hernández 1900-01-01 2100-01-01 ---

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2020-06-20 Pachuca, Hidalgo Crazy King b Aron Sykes, Dragón Boy, Santy Hernández, Murdock, Caballero de Atena, Rey Dragón, Billy Gamer, Jordan The Ring Announcer, Sacma, Gasparín Jr., Símbolo Azteca, Dark Maker, Freddy (Micro), Jitsu, Draztick Boy [royal rumble] Vanguardia | Aglomeración en el Cuadrilátero *Lucha Completa* (posted by +LuchaTV) Vanguardia | Tierra de Oportunidades (posted by mluchatv)
30:24. Crazy King, the current DTU champion, was the last surprise entrant. (Everyone was a surprise.) Crazy King brought the DTU belt. He's entitled to a title match of his choice but declined to make his pick so far.
2020-07-21 Ciudad de México, Distrito Federal Santy Hernández © vs Lunático [NERW Revival] Santy Hernández (C) vs Lunático (R) | Campeonato NERW Revival (posted by Lucha Army Tv)
2020-08-29 Gimnasio Valiente, Ciudad de México, Distrito Federal Santy Hernández © b Kevin [NERW REVIVAL] CAMPEONATO NERW REVIVAL !!! SANTY HERNÁNDEZ VS. KEVIN !!! (posted by Desde las cuerdas con Mariano) Santy Hernández (c) vs Kevin (r)   CAMPEONATO NERW REVIVAL DE LA IAW (posted by Estrellas del Ring) Santy Hernández vs Kevin | Campeonato NERW | #AllPlay (posted by Lucha Army Tv)
2020-09-19 Estadio Primero de Mayo, Tulancingo, Hidalgo Jitsu & Santy Hernández b Cíclope & Miedo Extremo [explosion] Lucha de Explosivos | Macizos vs Jitsu y Santy Hernández | Viva Vanguardia *Lucha Completa* (posted by +LuchaTV) Viva Vanguardia |  LuchaSnack (posted by mluchatv)
Ciclope was hurt after being thrown from a truck and Santy Hernandez couldn't make it back to the ring, which left Jitsu alone to pull the upset win on Miedo with a bat and explosives.
2020-10-10 Gimnasio Mictlan, Distrito Federal Kunay b Santy Hernández, Shura, Pez Negro, Krenik, Jayvar, Máscara Brilla, Skayler Sly [Rumble] Bonita Battle Royale | #Bonita (posted by Lucha Army Tv) BONITA RUMBLE  2020 CON INDY ARMY WESTLING EN BONITA (posted by Estrellas del Ring)
2020-10-25 Estadio Primero de Mayo, Tulancingo, Hidalgo Crazy King & Miedo Extremo b Cíclope (Indie) & Santy Hernández and Jitsu & Lunatik Extreme [VANGUARDIA TAG] Picnic Vanguardia, Estadio 1ro de Mayo, Tulancingo HGO | Evento Completo (posted by +LuchaTV) Viva Vanguardia | Crazy King vs Látigo vs Lobo Blanco Jr. | Campeonato 4x4. *Lucha Completa* (posted by +LuchaTV)
A promo early in the show switched around teams to Crazy King & Miedo Extremo vs Ciclope & Santy vs Jitsu & Lunatik Extreme (in for Fly Star.) Earlier, a vignette showed Jitsu & Rey Dragon attacking Dragon Boy and apparently disbanding Odaiba Squad. Ciclope & Santy cost each other advantages many times until they Ciclope tied Santy to an ice cream truck and dragged him away. Miedo pinned Lunatik Extreme to win the new Vanguardia tag titles.
2020-11-21 Explanada Franky, Pachuca, hidalgo Cíclope b Santy Hernández Lucha Rancho de Texas Extrema - Ciclope vs Santy Hdez | Vanguardia *LUCHA COMPLETA* (posted by mluchatv)
flaming shining wizard for the win
2020-11-28 Auditorio Benito Juárez, Veracruz, Veracruz Wotan vs Máscara Sagrada Jr., Hijo del Fishman, Santy Hernández
2020-11-28 Coliseo Imperial, Tultitlán, Estado de México Santy Hernández © vs La Fuerza, Skayler [NERW CHAMP] CAMPEONATO NERW REVIVAL‼️1️⃣ (posted by Desde las cuerdas con Mariano) Santy Hdz (c) vs La Fuerza vs Skyler (r) CAMPEONATO NERW desde la Arena Coliseum Imperial con IAW (posted by )
2020-12-27 Explanada Franky, Pachuca, Hidalgo Moria & Santy Hernández © b Látigo & Símbolo Azteca [BMLL TAG] Campeonatos de Parejas Black Mask Lucha Libre - Moria y Santy Hernández vs Látigo y Símbolo Azteca (posted by +LuchaTV) Posada Vanguardia | (posted by mluchatv)
Drolux didn't appear, with Moria explaining Drolux was in England. (!?!) Santy Hernandez helped Moria while Latigo walked out on Simbolo Azteca. Presumbably still a tag team match.
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